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Cable Knit Headband


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Product details

Introducing the KitSound™ Audio Headband

Made from wool and available in a range of colours, the KS Audio Headband has built-in speakers so you can listen to your music while you're wearing it.

Headphone Technology

Engineered by people who care about sound quality, the KitSound Audio Headband has been designed using technology only usually seen in high-end headphones. With its 40 mm drivers, your music will sound punchy with solid bass and retain clarity, detail and sound stage. So you can enjoy an excellent sound experience whilst keeping your ears nice and toasty.

Stylish Design

The KitSound Audio Headband is stylish and keeps you warm with its soft lining, bringing fashion,practicality and music together.

Compatible, Connectible and Comfortable

Whether it's an MP3 player, tablet, iPhone, Windows or Android device, all you have to do is simply connect to your device using the supplied 3.5 mm jack (which is the same as the one used for standard headphones). The cable is designed to reduce tangling, and the adjustable speakers - which can be removed for washing - can be positioned to fit most head sizes.

The KitSound Audio Headband

They may have been previously associated with 80s rock bands, but with bandanas now being worn by today's pop stars, we thought we'd put our own spin on the fashion statement. Treat your ears with warmth and fantastic sound with the KitSound Audio Headband.

About KitSound

We are craftspeople. We are musicians. We are KitSound™ and we all commit ourselves to achieving one shared goal: Bringing people closer to their music. By understanding music we stay true to its craft. Pure, rich, incredible sound. We settle for nothing less.


  • Compatible with most smartphones, tablets and MP3 players
  • Jack plug: 3.5 mm
  • Jack socket: 3.5 mm
  • Frequency response: 40 Hz - 18 kHz

Sensitivity: 103 dBAvoid using headphones with the volume turned up for an extended period of time. Doing so can damage your hearing. It is advisable to keep the volume at a moderate level at all times. For your own safety, please do not use when driving or cycling.


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